Company Info


Metro Materials, Inc. was started in 1975 as Metro Mix. Mat Construction, Inc. began operation in 1980 as a supplier of mason and concrete sand and washed gravel. Mat Construction soon expanded into the Cement Treated Base market. The two companies merged in 1993 to become Metro Materials and later expanded into the specialty and golf course sand market. Metro Materials runs a fleet of 41 mixer trucks, 6 cement tankers and 3 dump trailers. We have 4 concrete plants, 2 sand and gravel plants, and a cement treated base plant.

We produce between 170,000 and 220,000 cubic yards of concrete annually. Our sand and gravel operations produce approximately 1 million tons a year. The base plant has a capacity of about 550,000 tons.

Metro Materials, Inc. can be your "one stop shopping" for jobs in the Memphis area. In addition to the items that Metro Materials can supply for you, through our affiliated companies, Ferrell Paving, Inc., we can offer grading, drainage, concrete flatwork and concrete structures, and Stabilization, Inc., we can offer soil and aggregate cement bases.